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If you’re a real CPA, Internet Marketer you’re always in need of cheap, but good performing services/ programs/ servers. Here is my legendary list. Using these tools you can start your IM career right away, just look at the descriptions, no learning needed.

Everything is simple – it’s the most important constant of everything you should know about the marketing itself.


1-year free Linux-based server or 6 months free Windows server 2016 VPS from Google!

You can use it for FollowLiker, any other social bot software that should run 24/7. Telegram bots, any scripts that collect your data or scrape, grabbing around the web. At least you can use it as a storage for your files and access it from FTP or RDP/VNC. If you’re a coder it’s a great possibility to get a test-machine where you can do everything you want. Also, you can use it as a hosting for your websites.


Sometimes you are in need to delete all of the bullshit duplicates from your data spreadsheet or whatever. To find and delete duplicate lines, I’m using:

Remove Duplicate Lines


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