Main Tips: How You Can Grow Your Instagram Account Organically in 2018

Let’s make a long story short: It’s not easy to grow an Instagram account without help(bots, Instagram managers, power likes, follow-unfollow, main-slave accounts methods). I would not say these tips will grow your account instantly, but it’s the WORKING BASICS of the actual Instagram Algorithm:

  1. Use 30 or close to 30 hashtags on each of your posts > If your account is under 100k followers.
    Why > it will help your post reach out a much bigger audience. If you don’t have so many hashtags or you believe it’s not enough hashtags in your particular niche > do a research.
    How to do a hashtags research > Open Instagram and search something related to your post thematic, find top 9-12 posts, open each of it and watch on their hashtags. Copy that hashtags to notepad, leave the best 30 of it and copy-paste them to your post. Or you can use a google help or services like
  2. Post video contents. Yes, video content is still the king of Instagram. If you have video contents > edit it(to make it look viral, make a great click-bait thumbnail) and post it. Tip – Instagram videos are limited to 1 minute long. Don’t forget to add 30 hashtags to your video-post.
  3. Use Instagram stories > because it’s an organic way to show your online/personal presence and it’s another way to communicate and talk to your followers base. And I’m talking about video-stories. But If you don’t have videos to post or put on stories > you can always download niche related video from youtube, cut it to 1 minute and post on Instagram. 
  4. Be the real person, not the robot/shop/”the person who only wants to sell shit online”.
  5. Be kind to your followers > engage with your followers as much as you can, talk to them under your posts, mention them, answer to them. It’s easy.
  6. Leave comments on niche-related posts on other users’ accounts. So basically its: find your niche-related posts and start leaving comments under it, try to communicate with the people by mention them. Logic > people will notice you, they probably will visit your account and leave a comment back on your own post. Also, it will be no surprise if you will gain some followers from these actions.

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